Saturday, December 1, 2007

Australia & New Zealand Trip Update from Dave Kimber on November 12, 2007

Castle hill is tight. so many amazing boulders and problems. the only real problem is that flock hill and dry valley are closed for lambing. that part sucks, since there's so many incredible tempting lines there that we can see from the road. of course, this is tempered by the fact that there are still about 4000 problems in spittle hill and quantum field alone. the bouldering is intense. i climbed really strong in the grampians, but this is totally different. it's all push-friction on glassy footholds with condition-dependant slopers to hold you on. i think i'm -finally- getting it though. i definitely climb a few grades lower here than what i'm used to haha :)
Anyway, gotta split. rest day today, and we're sharing the internet with each other at the flock hill B&B/backpackers. plus it costs like $1 for 10 minutes. this place is actually a bit expensive, though there are deals to be found. i'm writing all the logistics down for both the gramps and castle hill in separate guides that i'll post on the blog. the info they give you on the web blows ass. we've had to just figure it all out ourselves, and something like i'm going to write would have been invaluable.

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