Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Lifestyle Update: Climbing In The Grampians

Hey all! This is DK with a quick personal note about what is going on with me now. I'm currently in the town of Horsham at their local library checking email and surfing porn. A bit of a trick since my screen is in direct line of sight with the two prim-and-propers running the joint, but hey, I'm all about expanding horizons.

Anyway, my skin is thrashed. And for good reason since I've been throwing myself wantonly at the gorgeous boulders here in the Grampians. The rock is unbelievable. It is literally like a cross between Hueco and Font. Smooth, brain-bubbled sandstone with large crazy scooped-out features and mostly overhung. The rock sometimes has the color of pumpkin pudding just-stirred and looks intense in the setting sun. My plan is to include a guide for camping and dirtbagging it here around the Gramps soon (within the next week or two). If you haven't experienced it, then by all means, try and make it happen.

Also, what can I say about Hollow Mountain Cave (HMC)? Plenty actually but it would just be verbal jisming all over the screen. I'll settle for telling you that it is one of the most amazing rock features I've ever witnessed. The Wheel of Life (rated V16 by Dai Koyamada) is truly a wonder to behold. There are several 'lines' that come out of the cave, but in reality most of them are simply pieces of WoL. To string the whole thing together must have taken tendons of steel, and the endurance of a god. Please, some of you badasses come out here and repeat that thing! Chris Parsons is -very- close to doing it so I'd expect news on that front very soon.

In addition to HMC and the many problems that it offers (not just the WoL and pieces) there are several other climbing spots to enjoy, with many lines and boulders still yet to be explored. Plus, there's routes for those of you so inclined. They're 'ok'. Haha. But what do I know, I'm just a pebble-pusher. Let someone else gush about how awesome they are.

Alright, 9 minutes to go on my daily 2 hour library internet allowance. Signing off for now...

the intrepid, DK

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At October 22, 2007 9:54 AM , blankset said...

Compare WoL to my thing in the cave in Idaho....you've seen it right? I'm just curious how they compare. James Litz has been trying that cave thing and still hasn't done it...which tells me it's probably pretty hard since James typically does v13/14 in a few hours. Any idea?

At December 1, 2007 1:35 PM , blankset said...

So James finally climbed that thing in the cave in Idaho. Called it Warpath and said it's the hardest thing he's climbed in the states. I'm pretty bummed my back is jacked because I felt close to doing it before I got injured, but if anyone else were to snag the FA, I'm stoked it was James Litz.

Check the story here: www.momemtumvm.com


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