Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Learning To Climb

Whether you are a beginner climber or a seasoned veteran climber, there is always more opportunity to improve. That's one of the brilliant and captivating aspects of climbing. It is such a basic instinct and yet it never ceases to evolve. Currently there are no notable online resources for those learning how to climb or for those interested in improving their existing technique or power. This is a gap that needs to be filled with a site that will become the 'go to' spot for up-and-coming climbers that want to learn more. This site will continually expand its knowledge base so that any question a climber has about any form of climbing can be answered. Our goal is to create a central point of knowledge and community for all types of climbers. We also strive to be the site where people who want to draw their friends and coworkers into the sport can point to as a great way to get into climbing.



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